'Toon time

It’s an all-kiddie day here at Trailer Park Towers, as the weekend brought not only a fresh international teaser for the third Ice Age caper but also the first footage from Space Chimps.

The Ice Age teaser is exactly what you’d expect- the series’ real star, Scrat, getting up to some acorn-related trouble. But it ends with a slight nod to the film’s title. Okay, it ends with a dinosaur. It’s not a 100% official version, so go watch it before it melts away. Latino Review has the link.

Much more official is the first proper look at Space Chimps, the tale of a group of NASA test chimps whose first mission doesn’t go quite as planned. It looks like it might be silly fun, particularly as comedy voice stalwart Patrick Warburton and SNL star Andy Samberg are the lead voices.Head on over to the ‘toon’s site for a gander.

Source: ( Latinoreview.com ) ( Spacechimpspower.com )