Tony Hawk's Proving Ground - hands-on

In our skate lounge we had to insert ramps and rails to collect things that were up high. Linking together the rails was simple, and placement of the objects was easy to pick up. After the challenge, we were told that the things that we changed around in the single-player game would carry over to multiplayer we created. So if anyone wanted to try out the three rails we linked together, they could. And rather than having to leave our skate session to check out what's going on online, the map screen displays blue goal marker icons that represent joinable multiplayer games. At least, there would have been if anyone else had been playing.

The reason nobody was online was not because there isn't much reason to play a skating game online, it was because the game hasn't been released yet. However, Neversoft has kept the former problem in mind and implemented an online betting system. Skaters can bet in-game cash, found in the game and won from challenges, on online matches. Although you might have the theater-sized TV unlocked in the game, you still have to find a way to pay for that bad boy. The fastest way to get enough money is to take it from your friends.