Tons of cool new Kingdom Hearts stuff!

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep’s vague release window has finally been shattered by a concrete release date: September 7, 2010. Along with that sorta-not-really newsish item, Square Enix and Disney have released a new trailer featuring characters previously unseen to the series (See our custom trailer grabs below.)

The PSP prequel will also lanuch with a shiny newLimited Edition bundle (opens in new tab)featuring:

-"Mystic Silver" PSP-3000

-Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep UMD

-4GB Memory Stick PRO DUO

-Movie TBA (We're guessing it starts with "Pirates")

ALSO, if you head toSquare-Enix's official Birth by Sleep site (opens in new tab), click WATCH THE TRAILER, then enter the newly announced release date, you'll get a free and exclusive Kingdom Hearts PSP theme!

Above: How an image of a sparkly new dress has grown men excited is a testament to the magic of Disney, bitch!

Now, Cinderella has figured prominently into the press materials thus far, but you’ll also get a glimpse of gameplay configured around the Disney film that started it all, Snow White. You can see today's official shots right here (opens in new tab), but I wouldn't be GR's resident Disney nerd if I didn't pull my own from today's trailer.

Above: Roxas turns the tables with his own poison apple?!

Above: Not TRON, actually. It's a boss fight with the Man in the Mirror, after repeatedly asking him to change his ways

Above: Obviously, that's a dead Snow White. And we all know how to bring her corpse back to life, right? Which brings up the question: What's Aqua doing there?! DURHURRHURRgirlzkissinHURR

Above: Captain Hook holds Tink Captive

Above: Mickey braves the waves on a book, a la Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Above: An aerial Heartless attack on Stitch

Above: Looks like the glass slipper fitting ceremony is part of the gameplay. Cool?

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May 17, 2010