Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition makes Lara's hair look fabulous on next-gen

Maybe she's born with it...

Last year's Tomb Raider reboot gave Lara Croft a complete makeover as Crystal Dynamics changed the iconic character from the hardened, busty raider of tombs to a more innocent novice adventurer. Now, with the next-gen consoles out in the wild, it seems the developer isn't quite done spiffing up Lara's looks. The PS4 and Xbox One version of the game, called Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, has been completely rebuilt, giving Lara's latest adventure a massive visual upgrade. Lara has an updated in-game model, the environments are much more lush and vibrant, and the improved lighting brings even more life to Yamatai Island's memorable locales.

The first thing that was shown to me was the new Lara. Here face has been completely redone, making the heroine's expressions more lifelike (although she does almost look like a different person), but what stands out the most is her new hair physics. Rather than having last-gen's clumped-up, stiff ponytail, Lara's hair has much more volume thanks to the Tress FX tech (or maybe its Maybelline?). You can see individual strands blow in the wind and sway side to side as she swings onto a ledge. Other details were much more noticeable thanks to the high-def visuals (native 1080p) and improved textures. The mud, rain, and blood that cling to Lara's skin make it look as though the character actually crawled through mud or was splashed with her enemies' blood.

The level environments have also gotten an equal amount of attention. Foliage, trees, and overgrowth are much more lifelike. Trees sway realistically in the wind, shrubs will trip up Lara as she runs through them, and fire casts impressive lighting, burnt embers, and billows of smoke into the air. One demonstration showed a rainy area guarded by enemies with spotlights. Not only was the drenching downpour some of the most visually impressive rain and water effects I've seen, but the spotlight's light refraction off individual water droplets and seeing every rain drop light up with a flash of lightning was definitely jaw dropping.

Check out the following slides for more information, and images.

The Definitive Edition also comes with all of the released DLC extras and digital comic books.

Setpiece moments are even more intense.

Look at that hair!

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