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Tomb Raider comic will lead directly into game sequel'

The story of Crystal Dynamics' well-received 2013 Tomb Raider reboot will continue next year in a new Dark Horse comic which "will lead directly” into a game sequel. That’s according to veteran comic writer Gail Simone, who’s following up her well-received work on the likes of Wonder Woman, Deadpool and Batgirl by turning her attention to Lara Croft.

Simone told Kotaku: "We start just a few weeks after the end of the game, and this is all in continuity, it will be Tomb Raider canon, and lead directly into the sequel. This is what got me excited; we get to be part of Lara Croft history… The biggest difference is, the game told a claustrophobic story in an isolated setting. We are going globetrotting.”

The writer went on to say of the comic, which was announced at San Diego Comic-Con and is set for release in February 2014: “I chose to do this series solely because I loved the game so much, so we're definitely keeping the tone of the game. I've always loved the classic, cool Lara Croft, but this feels like her origin story, like we're seeing her before she becomes the icon, and it's very compelling to me. The storytelling in the game hooked me instantly.”

While we’re thrilled by the idea of stepping back into Lara’s shoes in a sequel to this year’s game, Square Enix has yet to officially announce one. In fact, despite releasing to widespread critical acclaim, the Japanese publisher said in March that Tomb Raider was one of multiple major console releases that had failed to meet sales targets.

“Lara Croft's latest adventure is easily her best,” we said in our Tomb Raider review, concluding: “Lara Croft, the old Lara Croft, is dead. In place of a dolled-up gunslinger is a do-what-it-takes survivor--and we hope she hasn't had her fill of adventuring just yet.” To get the most out of the game, be sure to check out our Tomb Raider challenges guide and our Tomb Raider map locations guide.