Tomb Raider: Anniversary - Day three

Being a special anniversary edition of Tomb Raider, what special features does the game have?

We have the director's commentary that's scattered throughout most of the areas in the game. Toby [Gard] and I got together and recorded several hours' worth of commentary and both talked about the original game and how we re-envisioned the areas. So that's in there. We've got tons of unlockable concept art and unlockable characters and we've got a section commemorating the entire franchise, so there should be lots of goodies for people to uncover and explore to give them a look back at Tomb Raider and also an insight into the development process that we went through in making it.

Finally, we've got to ask - will the Lara model from the original Tomb Raider be a playable bonus?

I can't comment on what any of the unlockable characters are, specifically, but er... you know... it is a pretty memorable thing... so... you never know.

Above: Lara's back doing what she does best - raiding tombs. As this concept art shows, atmosphere and mystery has been a major target for developer Crystal Dynamics

Don't miss our coverage tomorrow where we reveal the first in-game screens from the new Egypt level and take you on a tour through it, with the concluding part on Friday. See you there.

Justin Towell

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