Tomb Raider: Anniversary - Day five

Inside, there were more animals to face. Although there's not quite the sense of "oh my God, it's a crocodile, I can't risk going down in there" that the original had, they're certainly no pushovers. Lara was killed several times as she fought various beasts, although balancing of enemy strength has yet to be finalized. We were impressed with their movement, however, and hearing our heroine yell in pain as she was bowled over by a panther made us wince in sympathy.

We came to one of the level's timed events - a room with a switch at the end, which triggered platforms that moved out and back into the walls (pictured below). It required swift and precise jumping, but the tight controls allow for this. After a couple of attempts, Lara was safely across and through to the next area. Although such obstacles can take a few goes to conquer, it's just the sort of challenge we like.

Above: Those blocks above the statues move on a timer. It's certainly not easy