Tomb Raider: Anniversary - Day five

Yesterday, we left you at the point where we'd met the undead inour Egypt walkthrough. Now we'll take you further into this awesome new Tomb Raider: Anniversary level as we wrap up our week-long preview.

As the undead foes hit the ground and fade away, again the sense of isolation hits you. Everything is still again, except for the swirling sand and glistening reflections from the water around the obelisk in the middle of the courtyard. You can see an artifact high above you, but the puzzle is how to get there. Not every artifact has to be recovered, as some are simply secret rewards(like the statues found in Legend and undoubtedly used to unlock bonuses). Others will be needed to open doors. In this case, the obelisk in the center of the yard has slots in it. Time to find the missing pieces then.

Above: Lara's grappling line was in the first Tomb Raider - in a cut-scene. Lucky, eh?