Tomb Raider: Anniversary - Day five

The switches in the level now move slowly back into place when you pull them. Lara can, therefore, grab onto one and use its height while it's still there to scamper up to a ledge above it. The animations are even slicker than before and Lara blends her actions seamlessly.

Another new move we saw was the wall-run with the grappling line. Lara could also put on the brakes and slide to a halt at the bottom of her swing, which again looked very convincing.Objects you can use the grappling line with no longer flash (it was deemed too easyin Legend ) so everything interactive looks solid now, with only the occasional button icon popping up to indicate you can swing from a certain point, usually mid-leap.

Above: Lara's new grappling line wall-run in full flow. The animation istotally believable as she holds the line