Tom Shadyac visiting Dr Sensitive

Funny doctors are always a prescription for hilarity. ALWAYS. Just look at Robin Williams in Patch Adams. Comedy gold, right? Riiight?

Okay, we don’t think so either. So we’re more than a little suspicious by Universal calling on Tom Shadyac – who was responsible for the cinematic pain that was Patch – to direct a new medical-centred comedy.

But they have, despite the fact that Shadyac’s last laugher was Evan Almighty, which didn’t exactly turn them a profit. Still, he’s picked up Ben Frahm’s spec script Dr Sensitive for his company to produce and for him to direct.

The story finds a cranky, House-alike healer who, following a transformative experience, turns him into an overly empathetic, emotional wreck.

We’re laughing already. Inside. You might not see it through the boiling rage splashed across our face.