Tom Holland is a struggling war vet in the first trailer for the Russo brothers' Cherry

The first trailer for Cherry, the upcoming movie from the Russo brothers starring Tom Holland, is a dizzying rollercoaster that focuses on Holland's unraveling mental state, his romance with his faithful lover, and his drug-addled post-war trauma.

"In an epic odyssey of romance, war, drug addiction, and crime, a young man (Tom Holland) struggles to find his place in the world," reads the synopsis. Cherry makes its premiere in theaters on February 26 before dropping on Apple TV+ just a couple of weeks later on March 12.

It's a little surreal seeing Holland, best-known for his ongoing run as Spider-Man in the MCU, portraying a bank robber grappling with real-world demons, but his performance in the trailer is no less gripping.

"You get a taste of Holland's incredible performance in the movie and the range that he displays as an actor," Joe Russo told EW. "I think you're seeing him transform from a teen actor into an adult actor."

Cherry is based on the 2018 novel of the same name, which centers around a veteran of the Iraq War paying for his drug addiction by robbing banks. The book was written on a typewriter by a convicted bank robber during his stay in a Kentucky federal prison.

Directors Anthony and Joseph Russo sent out a tweet on Thursday as the first Cherry trailer made its debut. "Cherry is the most personal film we have made," the directing duo wrote. "The city. The people. The story."

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Jordan Gerblick

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