Todd Phillips has a Hangover

After the disappointing School For Scoundrels, director Todd Phillips is getting back to a subject he knows a lot about directing – blokes drinking far too much and going on crazy rampages.

The man who brought us Old School has nabbed a spec script called Hangover, written by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, which follows three friends who lose the groom while on a stag night. With the clock ticking down 40 hours until the wedding, the threesome must retrace their drunken activities to track him down.

"I don't want to get too specific, but something about the premise just spoke to me," Phillips gushed to Variety , alluding to some alcohol-related antics in his own past.

Warner Brothers clearly also saw something (we’re guessing the chance to make money) as the studio has swooped in and bought the script for $2 million for Phillips to produce and direct.

Source: ( Variety )

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