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Today: Xbox One X console with NBA 2K19 is $297 (save $200)

Today: Xbox One X console with NBA 2K19 is $297 (save $200)
Credit: Microsoft

What's the lowest price you've ever seen an Xbox One X console? For us, it's $297 with a copy of NBA 2K19, which is what's happening right now at NewEgg's store via eBay. That's a brand new Xbox One X console, with NBA 2K19, for $297 - a remarkable saving of $200+. If you're tempted to pick up Microsoft's 4K console, and you were planning to wait and see what Amazon Prime Day deals would be on offer... perhaps this will change your mind. That's a huge saving, and takes the console a full $100 lower than it ever was on Black Friday or throughout Christmas. If you don't want to play NBA 2K19 (which is a brilliant game), then you can always sell it or trade it in and get an even better deal. Elsewhere, if you just want a regular Xbox, NewEgg is also selling an Xbox One S for $169, which is a tiny price too. Here are the deals - hurry, they will sell out fast.

Xbox One X 1TB console with NBA 2K19 | $297 (save $202)
An incredible price on an Xbox One X console with a fantastic game. This is the cheapest we've seen it.View Deal

Xbox One S console | $169 (was $299)
A fantastic price on a console capable of running all Xbox One games, GamePass, and 4K Blu-ray discs.View Deal

Both these consoles will sell out fast, so if you're tempted to go to Microsoft after E3 (and why wouldn't you be, after that showing around GamePass and all the company's plans for Backwards compatibility) then now is absolutely the time. Remember: the Xbox One X is capable of running games natively in 4K, while the S is still fine for 4K streaming and Blu-ray, but won't display games in 4K. Obviously, both consoles do HDR, and they're fully compatible with extra services like XBL Gold, Netflix, GamePass etc etc.

These consoles are available via NewEgg's eBay store too, so you know that you're getting a reliable retailer that is selling the items new and boxes. eBay can be a bit of a wild west if you buy from private sellers. Oh, and you do get to pay via PayPal too, which is a bonus.

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