Tiger on PS3

As publisher EA has shaped its Tiger Woods-endorsed golf games to fit every games format known to man, it's no surprise that it's working on the latest iteration, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07, for Sony's PlayStation 3. They've also been so kind as to provide us with new screens, which you can see by clicking the Images tab above.

The PS3 version is currently identical to the Xbox 360 version, but EA is contemplating using the tilt-sensing capability of the PS3 controller in the game (although it's not too clear how).

As expected, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 will be the usual top-quality golf game, now with even smoother visuals. As for new modes, EA has been busy designing several minigames, which include Target to Target and Seven. The latter requires two players to match or outdo each other's shots, for which they will be rewarded with points. The first to collect seven is the winner.

There have been some interesting tweaks to career mode, as now you won't be able to acquire skill attributes. Instead, they have to be earned with time spent on the driving range and the practice greens, and there are various drills to complete before you can get your golfer to develop as player.

July 20, 2006