Thunder Tier One is a new co-op strategy game from PUBG parent Krafton

Thunder Tier One is a new co-op military strategy game developed and published by Krafton, the new parent company to PUBG, and you can try it right now on Steam through a gameplay preview that will run through Sunday, December 13. 

The announcement trailer for Thunder Tier One is short and to the point: it's an isometric strategy game that supports four-player co-op and competitive PvP. One key point is that action occurs in real-time rather than in turns. In an email, Krafton also added some details to the game's modes: in addition to a 10-mission campaign, Thunder Tier One has eight-player team deathmatch and another eight-player mode called Advance and Secure, where teams fight to control map nodes and to steal tickets from enemy operatives. There's also a "quick mode" called Terrorist Hunt, which reflects the game's premise of building an elite spec ops team targeting terrorist organizations. 

Thunder Tier One has technically been in the works for some time, but this is our first proper look at it in action. Creative director Pawel Smolewski, who you may know from his time as the head of PUBG's action and gunplay team, first began work on the game in 2016. It wasn't until 2020 that he pitched it to Krafton, and the team's original developers have been working on the game as part of the Krafton umbrella since. 

We don't have a release date for Thunder Tier One just yet, and it's currently only planned for PC. When it's out, Krafton says it'll have full modding support for missions, weapons, and game modes. 

Speaking of PUBG-adjacent projects: The Callisto Protocol is a freak new horror game from the co-creator of Dead Space, who's now working within PUBG Studio, formerly PUBG Corp.

Austin Wood

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