Thrillville: Off the Rails - new screens

Sept 20, 2007

New screenshots highlighting Thrillville: Off the Rails' 34 minigames have rolled in. But not all these minigames will be new to fans of the franchise, as 20 of them will be returning from the original.

Highlights of the new minigames include Robo K.O., which will feature rock 'em sock 'em boxing robots, Bandito Chinchilla, which sports some side-scrolling action, and Tank Frenzy, a vertical shooter.

To check out all the platform-specific screens, click below:

PC|360|DS|Wii |PS2 |PSP

Above: The DS version will feature LeChuck from The Secret of Monkey Island and Manny from Grim Fandango as unlockable characters

But the most juicy bit of info that we squeezed out of these screenshots is the fact that you'll be able to unlock LeChuck from The Secret of Monkey Island as well as Manny Calavera, the travel agent turned detective from Grim Fandango. Unfortunately, these characters have only been confirmed for the DS version so far, but we hope to see other memorable LucasArts characters make a cameo in the Wii, PS2, PSP, 360 and PC versions as well.

The rollercoaster-building sim is scheduled to release on October 16. While you're waiting to build your bombed out barf factory, check out ourexclusive preview.