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Thrilling first Iron Man 2 pic hits

Go and buy some horses. Then hold on to them… Because Jon Favreau has just released the first exciting picture from the set of Iron Man 2.

Twittering about the release, Favreau remarks, “Matty and me in Casa de Stark, under construction.” ‘Matty’ is cinematographer extraordinaire Matthew Libatique and, as you can see from the pic below, he and Favreau are sitting in the Stark living room.

Okay, we kid. It actually is pretty exciting, since it means they’re properly moving ahead with the film and hopefully now we’ll get some news that doesn’t focus on who has been dropped from the cast or who is being offered 20p and a packet of pork rinds to take part.

We’ve high hopes for the film and are putting all our trust and faith in Favs.

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[Source: Comingsoon / Twitter ]

So: Iron Man 2. Excited beyond belief or worried beyond control?