Three new Xbox One controllers are on the way for the vampire, minimalist, or military buff in you

Hey. You want to see some dope new Xbox One controllers, maybe buy 'em once they come out? Me too. Microsoft just announced a trio of new designs for its venerable collection of sticks, buttons, and contoured plastic, and I think they're some of the best-looking yet.

The Volcano Shadow Special Edition controller is easily the most eye-catching. The name sounds like somebody's fan fiction character (copyright, do not steal) but the actual design is elegant as heck. If Dracula had an Xbox One, this is what he'd use to play Stardew Valley. What, you didn't know vampires were into farming sims?

Want something more subtle, but still with a flash of vibrance? I'm a big fan of the restrained two-tone approach to this green/grey controller (especially because "restraint" isn't typically something I typically associate with video game peripheral design).

Or if you're into a monochromatic military look, consider the Patrol Tech Special Edition. It's quite similar to the Recon Tech Special Edition controller from earlier this year but with silver accents instead of gold. The meshes on the front of each grip are etched in with a dang laser and it has that nice rubberized diamond grip on the back.

The Volcano Shadow and Patrol Tech controllers will both cost $69.99 while the Green/Grey (which might be my favorite, actually) will be a bit cheaper at $64.99. They'll all arrive at the Microsoft Store and other US retailers on September 5. Microsoft hasn't revealed any plans to release the controllers in the UK so far.

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Connor Sheridan

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