Three expert beatdowns

The game's only been out for a few days, but Tekken: Dark Resurrection is already the buzz of the PSP world. We can't get enough of it, as evidenced by our ownreview, but before King, Paul and the rest of the crew fade away from constant coverage, we secured three fresh videos to whet your ferocious appetites. Keep in mind that no movie or screenshot can capture how beautiful this game looks on the PSP screen... it's absolutely gorgeous.

Each consists of one match, but if you look closely, you'll see some seriously impressive moves thrown around. We're big fans of Armor King's "grab you out of the air and pile drive into the ground" attack - though Dragunov's close-quarters face smashing isn't without its charm. Just hit the movies tab for a look at some of the best combos and bone-crushing moves Dark Resurrection can offer - then head to our review to fully understand why you need to run out of the house and buy it. Tonight.

Brett Elston

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