THQ to publish new Voltron games

The games will be part of a multi-part Voltron resurrection set to commence this fall with Voltron Force, an all new CGI animated show slated to air on Nicktoons in the U.S and other major broadcasters throughout the globe. The shows will also be supported with a new line of Mattel toys based on both the classic Voltron and its new iteration.

"The video games relationship with THQ, along with our master toy relationship with Mattel, signals the exciting future ahead for Voltron," said Robert Koplar, Vice President at World Events Productions. "With its signature robot lion action and titanic-scale battles, our Voltron games and toys along with our new series are sure to have enormous appeal to fans of all ages around the world."

For a publisher that claims to be focusing on home-grown IPs, THQ sure is scooping up a lot of well-known licenses. Still, this latest acquisition does bring us one step closer to that Saints Row/He-Man/Voltron cross-over fans have been dying to see made. No? Just me?

Feb 15, 2011

THQ to focus on original IPS, fewer kiddie games
“We are curtailing some of our investment in the younger licensed products,” says CEO

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