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Thor wields his hammer



Thor has been shooting a load of images across the web over the past week, and he's at it again in today's USA Today - gripping the shaft of his mighty hammer, which he calls 'Mjolnir', muscles flexed, face contorted .

In the movie, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) has been cast down from the heavens by Odin to live among humans as Donald Blake, but will once again become the legendary norse god Thor when he whips out his hammer.

See the full size image below;


At the end of Iron Man 2 (SPOILER ALERT), we see S.H.I.E.L.D. uncover Mjolnir in a crater in New Mexico. Unable to pull the weapon out of the hole, they erect a base around it.

The still shows the scene when Blake arrives to claim Mjolnir by pulling it off it's rocky perch, a sort of King Arthur sword in the stone moment.

Judging by his face, it seems he'll have difficulty controlling his powerful hammer, no matter how hard he grips the shaft and pulls.

Thor will be released May 6th 2011.

Want to see more pics of Thor wielding his hammer? Is he gripping the shaft too tight? Let us know!

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