Thomas The Tank Engine will return

Someone clearly thinks that there's still steam in the chamber for a Thomas The Tank Engine movie.

Yes, despite the fact that the last time the Rev WV Awdry's train creation brought us Thomas And The Magic Railroad (which still makes Alec Baldwin cry every time he's reminded he was in it), HIT Entertainment is laying tracks for his return.

"Thomas %26 Friends is a phenomenally successful and versatile brand that appeals to children and families worldwide," says Julia Pistor, head of the HIT movie department.

"Generations of children have grown up with the adventures of 'Thomas %26 Friends' with its storytelling tradition, positive values, timeless lessons and rich train history. We look forward to working with Josh Klausner to translate the classic Thomas %26 Friends stories into a thrilling, big, modern adventure movie."

Shrek The Third co-scribe Klausner will write a script for the new film and HIT will also roll out a new CG animated series that will - blasphemy! - have the trains speak their own dialogue.

The movie version, on the other hand, will blend live action with CG.

Yes, just what you always hoped for - more from Thomas, Percy, James and the rest. You can stop crying now...

[Source: The Hollywood Reporter ]

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