This week's best Overwatch moments: Reaper's devastating shrug and the best loot box ever

Ah Reaper. The gravel-voiced specter of death is a powerful force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. And he does it all with a devil-may-care attitude best captured by his shrug emote. Here are two great examples, along with some other great plays from the world of Overwatch.

1. Reaper just don't care

Firing off an emote after a good kill streak is a gutsy move. Sure, it adds style points to your game, but it makes you a sitting duck for vengeful enemies. This Reaper makes it work thanks to a nearby Soul Globe that keeps him alive even during a melee onslaught from Reinhardt. (Source)

2. I'll see your ultimate and raise you another one

We all know that sinking feeling when Mercy has rezzed the entire enemy team in Overtime. Luckily, this Reaper has Death Blossom ready to undo all her work. The shrug spray is just the cherry on top. (Source)

3. Looks like you need a time out

With how fast Tracer moves, it can seem impossible to land her Pulse Bomb for maximum impact, especially on an equally twitchy target. But the stars align for this Tracer to take down a Genji mid-dash. (Source)

4. Zenyatta knows the score

He’s pinned. It’s all over. Rather than fight against the superior firepower of a rampaging Zarya, this Zenyatta accepts defeat in his own fashion. (Source)

5. The loot box of your dreams

Now that’s just not fair. (Source)

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