Awesome speeds and Amazon vouchers - Virgin's latest broadband deal is brilliant

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Netflix without buffering, Warzone downloads that don't take days and of course, households free of arguments over slow internet - these are the digital experiences we hope for but find many broadband deals can't quite offer us.

However, one of the big names in speedy fibre internet is bringing affordability to lightning-fast speeds with Virgin slashing its prices. More specifically, Virgin has brought the axe down on its M100 package, cutting its price right down to just £24 a month.

That puts this in a similar pricing bracket to brands that revel in affordability like Vodafone and TalkTalk while offering some pretty substantial speeds averaging 108Mb.

But Virgin's latest iteration of this plan isn't just about price drops, right now the ISP is also going that extra step, throwing in a healthy £50 Amazon voucher. That allows you to sweep up a 4 month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate pass or whatever your heart desires.

Obviously, the price is great and the Amazon voucher is a nice bonus but the real appeal here is the speeds. With 108Mb average speeds, you could easily run a home business off this, stream in 4K in a large household or game to your heart's content in a room some distance from the router.

Virgin M100 | 108Mbps (average speed) | 12 months | FREE upfront | FREE £50 Amazon gift card | £24 per month

Virgin M100 | 108Mbps (average speed) | 12 months | FREE upfront | FREE £50 Amazon gift card | £24 per month
There's a lot to like with Virgin's latest internet offer. There's nothing to pay upfront, the monthly costs come in at just £24 a month and of course, the speeds come in at a pretty excellent 108Mb average. On top of all of that, Virgin even throws in a £50 Amazon voucher.

Obviously, Virgin isn't the only provider out there and this deal isn't the only strong choice available to you right now.

For fast speeds, Vodafone's Superfast 2 package offers some tempting value. It costs just £22.95 a month while scoring you speeds averaging 63Mb and it doesn't cost a penny upfront.

Or another popular choice is BT's Fibre 1 package. It costs a slightly higher £27.99 a month but offers similar speeds of 50Mb and throws in a £80 Mastercard.

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