This Stardew Valley mod gives you a little Haunted Chocolatier, as a treat

Stardew Valley Haunted Chocolatier mod
(Image credit: ConcernedApe/Edu Anttunes)

A new Stardew Valley mod adds features themed around ConcernedApe's newly announced game Haunted Chocolatier.

We have no idea when Haunted Chocolatier will come out - even though some fans think they might've spotted a release date tease in a tweet from ConcernedApe - so modder Edu Anttunes took it upon themself to give eager fans a little something to hold them over. The Haunted Chocolatier mod (via NexusMods) doesn't aim to bring the whole game to Stardew Valley, but it does add some ghostly sweet flavor so that you can get a small taste of the upcoming title. Plus, it's Halloween! Exactly the time of year you should be eating chocolate and hanging out with ghosts.

The Stardew Valley Haunted Chocolatier mod adds cocoa trees as a new crop, as well as four new recipes: cooking chocolate, chocolate bar, white chocolate bar, and simple truffle. The mod also adds cute little ghosts, which use the modern bench as a template. Finally, the mod lets you decorate your place with the Chocolate Cauldron (replacing the modern dinner table), a shop sign (replacing the Joja Cola sign), and custom wallpaper and floor.

In case you missed last week's news, Haunted Chocolatier is the new game from Stardew Valley developer Eric Barone, AKA ConcernedApe. As you might guess from the title, it puts you in charge of a haunted chocolate shop. By all accounts, it looks like Stardew Valley 2 in all but name, although Barone says "it's more of an action RPG."

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