This Skyrim: Special Edition video showing 100 dragons vs 1,000 archers is just the beginning

Whenever a Bethesda game comes out, the internet is flooded with videos of players experimenting with its physics system and glitches, or modding it into something new. Skyrim may be five years old at this point, but with the release of Skyrim: Special Edition, that cycle has started anew - and it begins with a battle of grand proportions:

YouTuber Cosmic Contrarian specializes in creating these massive battles, sometimes modding in creatures from other games or universes to replace the standard Bethesda models. So by his own standards, this is relatively tame. Still, it's a fantastic way to celebrate the re-release of a great game, and I'm sure we'll only see more like it in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, if you've picked up a copy and - like Contrarian - want to play around with it, check out our list of the best Skyrim mods.

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