This 'Make Starfield a PS5 exclusive' petition is getting rightfully roasted

(Image credit: Bethesda)

I don't know that I've ever seen a sensible video game petition, but this Starfield one is dumb enough that people are signing it just to dunk on its original creator.

At time of writing, around 2,200 people have signed a petition demanding Bethesda "Make Starfield a PS5 EXCLUSIVE!!!!" In a bizarre diatribe that calls for PS5 exclusivity while simultaneously decrying Xbox exclusivity, the petition also suggests using political pressure to get Starfield on PlayStation, protests at video game stores, and the pre-emptive cancellation of Microsoft-friendly content creators.

The chance that this is some weird prank is pretty high, because this rant speaks to next to zero understanding of how video games are made or how the companies that make them operate. There's still the possibility, however, that this petitioner is being deadly serious, and that's brought out several signatures from people simply looking to tell them how dumb they're being.

On, you can only comment under a petition once you've signed it, and I'm yet to see a single comment in support of some sudden swing to PlayStation. The most sympathetic messages suggest that no exclusivity is the way to go, but the vast majority are some reflection on either 'this is delusional' or 'touch grass'. Many opt for both.

Starfield isn't coming to PS4 or PS5, because Bethesda is now a Microsoft studio and god knows Xbox needs some wins from its first-party offerings right now. Personally, I'll be winning by playing Starfield on PC, where I won't even have to worry about the whole 30 fps debacle

Perhaps this is the same person behind Starfield's already-negative Metacritic reviews.

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