This limited edition Minecraft Xbox One S bundle looks like dirt (but in a good way)

Minecraft fans can already have a good time on Xbox One, but just in case they want something a bit blockier, there's a special new console design on the way. The 1TB Xbox One S included in the Minecraft Limited Edition Bundle has a grassy dirt design on the front and a shiny redstone circuit on its semi-transparent backplate. Clever!

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Maybe if you attach some extra redstone repeaters you can power it up to an Xbox One X? Or at least turn it into a giant calculator. Anyway, the bundle includes codes for both Minecraft and the Redstone Pack, a month of Xbox Game Pass, and two weeks of Xbox Live Gold. Just in case you want to remember all your lovely creations being blown to bits every time you pick up your gamepad, the bundled-in controller has a special Creeper design with a blotchy green face staring out at you from between the thumbsticks.

If you prefer the company of a friendly swine, you can grab a limited edition Minecraft pig controller. Bonus points for the little curly tail on the battery cover. Both the creeper and pig controller will go up for sale starting on September 12, and the Minecraft Xbox One S will be available as of October 2 in the UK and October 3 in the US.

Minecraft can keep you going for a long time, but you'll get the hankering for extra games eventually; when you do, check out our list of the best Xbox One games and keep on playing.

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