This indie puts a horror spin on fishing, and it's out in March

(Image credit: Black Salt Games)

Dredge, a horrific Eldritch-themed fishing game, is out next month on March 30.

Developer Black Salt Games and publisher Team17 just announced the new release date for Dredge earlier today, on February 3. The release date trailer for Dredge can be seen just below and works some wonders for building up the horrors you'll be pulling out of the sea next month.

What starts as an ordinary, if slightly eerie fishing trip turns into something sinister when the fisherman stumbles upon otherworldly monsters and hauls them in for a big payday. Bolstering his boat with the rewards, he sets out to sea again under a blood-red moon before stumbling upon an imposing demonic symbol carved into a rock.

Yes, horror fishing games really are a thing now. Dredge boasts well over 125 different fish, according to the tweet from Black Salt Games just below, and you can upgrade your boat and explore mysterious wrecks for added rewards. The "sinister fishing game" also offers exotic regions to explore among the sleepy home village.

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Dredge looks like a standout indie game to watch over the next few months. The release date trailer above is fantastic at building dread and tension, and if you can recall back to August 2022 at Gamescom, there was a fair amount of positive buzz around Dredge, as media got some hands-on time with the new game.

Dredge launches next month on March 30 across PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. 

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