This Final Fantasy 14 fan remix is so good that the game's composer demanded more

Earlier this month, musician and Final Fantasy 14 fan Alex Moukala released a short remix of the final boss track for the game's recent 5.3 update, and it was so good that FF14 composer Masayoshi Soken asked him to make a full version. A week later, Moukala did exactly that, and I'd say he more than fulfilled Soken's request to "kill us with a funky beat." 

For comparison, you can listen to the full, extended version of the track "To The Edge" in this video. As Moukala points out, the original song is itself a remix of an older track for Amaurot. And while "To The Edge" is big on drums, guitar, keyboard, chanting, and some fittingly epic breakdowns, Moukala's remix ups the tempo, throws in a few short cuts, and layers in some heavy bass – and I mean heavy bass. Like, Titan's Weight of the Land heavy. 

The bass is the true star of Moukala's remix, though his outfit is a close runner-up. In his video description, he said that this was both "the hardest thing I've ever played on bass" and his first cover with such a long and uninterrupted session. He's done some equally impressive work with the music from Persona 5, Nier: Automata, and other Final Fantasy games (and in equally impressive outfits). For this reason, I'd like to think that Moukala is a Bard main on FF14 because that would just be too fitting, but the small Black Mage doll in the backdrop of his remix video suggests he's a fan of Fire IV. Thinking about it now, that does make a strange sort of sense, because that bass is nothing if not explosive. 

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Austin Wood

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