This fan-made Dragon Ball Z PS5 controller would make Goku proud

The PS5 isn't out for another 10 days, but you can already get yourself this slick custom Dragon Ball Z-inspired PS5 controller. YouTuber and maker of "Custom-designed tournament controllers" LazaModz has disassembled a PS5 DualSense controller and given it a supremely fresh Dragon Ball Z-inspired coat of paint, and it's on sale now.

The custom job ditches the black-and-white color scheme on the standard DualSense controller and embraces a loud, glossy orange and blue design inspired by Goku's most famous Gi. The buttons have been turned into little Dragon Balls, the left and right buttons on the d-pad adorn Dragon Ball stars, and Master Roshi's kanji emblem sits smack dab in the middle on the touchpad. It might not be the most subtle or elegant design, but Dragon Ball Z fans wouldn't expect any different.

The best part for Dragon Ball Z fans is that LazaModz is taking orders for the custom Dragon Ball Z PS5 controller here. With a base price tag of $179.99, it definitely isn't cheap, but I can only imagine how much work went into making it look so professional. Another video from LazaModz gives you an idea of what it's like just to take apart the DualSense controller, not to mention the time and effort involved in painting everything. This is definitely one for the enthusiasts and collectors.

If you need this in your life, you'll be happy to know you can customize it to your heart's content. There's a list of different drop-down options on the product page to add a high-gloss, glitter, pearlized, metallic, or matte finish, and you can also request different colors and design features if you want to switch anything up.

ICYMI, the PS5 DualSense controller works on PS3, so grab your copy of Dragon Ball Z: Raging Blast and party like it's 2009. Or if you like playing as Dragon Ball characters, check out how to get all the Jump Force character unlocks.

Jordan Gerblick

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