This easy Breath of the Wild magnesis trick turns off Guardians' brains

Breath of the Wild
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This week's Breath of the Wild discovery makes gangs of Guardians a whole lot easier to deal with.

See that lad up top? The one shooting a laser out of its eye? Did you know you can perform a simple trick to stop a whole group of them in their tracks? Using the power of magnesis, one Breath of the Wild player demonstrates how to completely turn off Guardians' brains so they become, in the player's own eloquent phrasing, "easy pickings."

guardians_become_completely_confused_from from r/Breath_of_the_Wild

Watching the video, it's easy to miss what actually caused the Guardians to cancel their lasers and stand around looking like dummies. According to Reddit user RinHara5aki, who discovered the trick, if you activate magnesis and then quickly drop an item in front of you, it creates "an invisible hitbox with weird properties." And apparently, it also shields you from the Guardians' lines of sight and disrupts their attack mechanism. 

From there, it's up to you whether you want to fire off a few well-aimed lightning arrows and finish them off or just fast travel out of there now that you've had your fun. Just remember that if you move away from the glitchy invisible box that's confusing the Guardians, they'll probably resume blasting you into smithereens pretty quickly, and they might even be extra mad that you pulled your little prank on them. Also, if there's a Guardian behind you, you'll want to use the same trick to make sure you're covered from both angles.

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