This amazing Far Cry 6 Chorizo cosplay will steal your heart like it stole Ubisoft's

Far Cry 6
(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Someone helped their adorable Dachshund puppy cosplay as the Far Cry 6 Chorizo battle dog from Far Cry 6, and it'll steal your heart just like it did with Ubisoft's social media managers.

Anyone with a heart will remember Far Cry 6's gameplay deep-dive trailer from May, not for the gorgeous war-torn tropics, explosions, or Breaking Bad villains, but for the tongue-wagging, paw-stomping disabled wiener dog named Chorizo, who was introduced near the end of the trailer.

Ubisoft knows we're all a bunch of helpless suckers for good boys, and it's wisely made Chorizo a prominent selling point of Far Cry 6 in subsequent trailers and promotional materials (yes, you can pet the dog). And today, the company shared a brief clip of Chorizo posing for the camera to Twitter, and prominent cosplayer Frau Adler took the opportunity to reply with this blessed picture of real-life Chorizo:

Everything from the little pack saddle with the snake in its pocket to the confident expression on the pup's face is just perfect, and it's making everyone freak out. Even Ubisoft, one of the largest video game publishers in the world, is in absolute shambles over this illegally sweet cosplay. Ubisoft's main Twitter account replied in disbelief of the cuteness, and Ubisoft Toronto quote-tweeted, "OH. MY. GOODNESS!!!" which pretty much sums up the general response from the Far Cry community. And how can you blame them? Just look at those stubby little arms! We don't deserve real-life Chorizo.

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