Things you may have missed in the new Call of Duty: Black Ops trailer

A chaingunning helicopter tears through a city street, but we don't think we're piloting it this time. Given this sequence's focus on the guy rapelling down the building, we think we'll be on foot, with the chopper as support. In fact it's entirely possible that we'll get to direct the whirlybird towards targets of our choice, in order to make our traversal of the city easier. Think the directable Stryker tank in Modern Warfare 2's Exodus level.

Even more epic set-pieces (0.46)

Like we said. MW needs to look out.

Underground combat (0.53)

Given the tactics of the Viet Cong, underground fighting in tight, cramped runnels was a given. But this shot is quiet and tense, almost contemplative. We're expecting a moment of character drama before all hell breaks loose. Also, notice the proximity of the character in front of us, as well as the weak torchlight. This is going to be cramped and scary.

Incendiary shotgun shells (1.00)


The explosive crossbow (1.04)

Here's that sexy new weapon we've heard about. And it looks nightmarishly powerful. Quick, almost silent, and with the potential to take out a whole group of guys if you're careful with it, it's going to be a nightmare to balance online.

Highlyimproveddestructibility (1.08)

BOOM! Smash! Tinkle.

A tight escape (1.10)

Pinned down by VC and trapped in a crashed helicopter, we get lucky and only just make it out in time. It looks like Black Ops will be no stranger to those classic CoD 'You're dead, you're dead, you're dead, you'reNOT dead!' moments.

Air-to-air combat (1.22)

Chopper-on-chopper action. Given the way this is moving, we reckon we're definitely piloting it manually.

Base jumping (1.28)

More 'Get it right or die!', if this one leads into a tense, ravine-based manual parachuting section as we hope. C'mon Treyarch.

Xbox 360 ident (1.37)

It looks like Activision are getting friendly with Microsoft on another CoD, so Xbox 360 owners can probably expect the priviliedge of early access to another couple of over-priced, under-full map packs.

David Houghton
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