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These official Star Wars: The Last Jedi paintings give us the best look yet at Luke, Leia, and more

Brian Rood Star Wars Watercolors

Disney and Lucasfilm really have really spared no expense for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The second iteration of Force Friday was off the charts with toys a-plenty – check out our best Force Friday 2 toys -  and now they’ve even commissioned an artist to paint portraits of each of the main characters – and they are beautiful.

Artist Brian Rood was given the nod (via to craft watercolour portraits of Luke, Leia, Rey, Kylo Ren, Finn, and Poe. You can see them all in their resplendent glory below and, away from publicity shots and set photos, it’s our first real chance to see the main players of Star Wars 8 as the icons they truly are.

General Leia Organa Painting

General Leia Organa looks every bit the stoic space general here, and the painting really takes on a melancholy mood after Carrie Fisher’s untimely passing. It really is a fitting tribute, though (and I desperately want one).

Luke Skywalker painting

Elsewhere, Luke looks every inch the grouchy ‘get off my space lawn’ type. He’s also got a touch of the Obi-Wans about him.

Rey Star Wars painting

Because it’s not Star Wars without someone staring at a lightsaber. Rey looks to be taking the training wheels off on Ahch-To and getting firmly to grips with swinging her weapon of choice.

Sith Lord painting

The Sith Lord, complete with battle-wounds from Star Wars: The Force Awakens – whisper it – almost looks sad in this image. A possible hint at a change in his allegiance, perhaps? Black never suited him anyway.

Finn Star Wars painting

No Rose in sight, unfortunately. Finn, though, has no time for any space shenanigans by the looks of things. He’s all action, baby.

Poe Star Wars painting

Last (but certainly not least) is Poe. Who knew watercolour could make the flyboy look even more silently smug?

You can see the gallery in full here.

What do you think of the paintings? Canvas yours and others’ opinions in the comments below! Do it. Or oil be angry.

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Images: Lucasfilm/Brian Rood

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