These official Elder Scrolls wedding rings are $1,000 and made of 10k gold

Elder Scrolls Ritual of Mara ring
(Image credit: Bethesda)

You can have the Elder Scrolls wedding your ancestors could only dream of with a new $1,000 Ritual of Mara ring.

The official Elder Scrolls product is made from 10 karat gold and is available to pre-order on Bethesda's official merch store until Valentine's Day, February 14, with a planned ship date of April. It's modeled after the in-game ring used in Elder Scrolls Online's Pledge of Mara, a ceremony which two players can perform to earn extra XP while adventuring together. The in-game ceremony costs 1,000 Crowns, a premium currency which roughly translates to $10 or about 1% of what you'll need to spend to get one of the rings IRL.

If that seems a little too much for your upcoming nuptials, you can also pick up the Ritual of Mara ring in sterling silver on Bethesda's shop, which is currently in pre-sale for $85 and will start to ship out in February. If you buy two of them, you'll get the second one at 10% off, which makes the whole thing a little more practical as far as geeky Valentine's Day gifts go.

Whichever metal you prefer, the ring features a four-point embossed Nord knot as the centerpiece with knot work on the outside of the band. "With this ring and Mara's blessing" is engraved on the inside. No one will see that when you're wearing it, though, so you could probably pass the ring's whole look off by suggesting that "it's a Celtic deisgn" if you ever didn't want to tell someone that you had a video game wedding ring.

Planning a wedding is one way to pass the time until The Elder Scrolls 6 finally comes out.

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