There's some free Resi 7 DLC on the way called Not A Hero and [SPOILERS] has fans arguing

There's already plenty of Resident Evil 7 DLC planned, but we now have some new info one the first one, called Not A Hero. The details are revealed in a post credits tease (that, annoyingly, wasn't there when I played it for my Resi 7 review, pre-patch) and contains major spoilers. So here's an image to stop you ruining anything. Scroll past at your peril.  

Seriously, we're into big spoiler territory here and I'm assuming you've finished the game. 

When you reach the end one of the last things you see is a familiar face that turns up to lend a hand:   

After the credits roll you then get this image

Now this has ignited a fair bit of conversation on the subject of whether the character we see in the game is actually the Chris Redfield. While the credits specifically state 'Chris Redfield' for the voice acting, he does turn up in an Umbrella helicopter and, in that gas mask outfit, looks initially like long running background character, Hunk. Many are suggesting that Hunk could actually be a clone, or relation to Chris, fueled by the fact that this Redfield doesn't look like any previous version of the character. 

This pic from NeoGAF sums up popular opinion the best:

Personally I'm down with that being actual Redfield given Resi 7's complete overhaul. Why wouldn't he look a bit different? Although, admittedly, the Umbrella thing's a little harder to explain. I guess we'll find out when the new DLC arrives. 

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