Resident Evil 7 DLC includes four new scenarios, extra hard mode, and Jack-feeding mini-game

Capcom is wasting no time expanding its new first-person spin on survival horror, Resident Evil 7. Two DLC packs are planned to arrive on PS4 on January 31 and February 14 before coming to Xbox One and PC on February 21, and they'll be adding quite a bit.

"Banned Footage Vol. 1" adds two new scenarios to the game - one where you need to stealthily escape a bedroom and one where you have to survive waves of enemies - and a new, "Ethan Must Die" mode said to be separate from the main story.

"Banned Footage Vol. 2" brings in two more scenarios. One features Ethan caught in a deadly gambling game with Jack, while the other show life in the Baker house before they became crazed monsters. Lastly, it adds a mini-game where you must feed Jack as much food as possible before time runs out. Don't worry, it's supposed to be awkward and funny.

Vol. 1 will cost $10, while Vol. 2 will cost $15. Both are available as part of the Deluxe Edition and the season pass.

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