There’s secret N7 ‘Commander Shepard’ armor in Mass Effect: Andromeda - here’s how to get it

There’s loads to see and do in Mass Effect Andromeda, and plenty of little nods to the original trilogy. In fact, it can be overwhelming at first, so we made this Mass Effect tips guide for you. One cool thing you need to see, however, is the N7 armor that you can unlock and wear in the game. To clarify: that’s the same armor Commander Shepard wears in the original trilogy. In Andromeda it's useful for anyone who likes to use Biotic abilities, as most of the bonuses relate to them. Here’s how you get it.

Head to the Research terminal and look under ‘Milky Way’ blueprints. Tab to the armor category and you’ll find four pieces of N7 gear to craft - helmet, chest piece, legs, and arms. Simply unlock these blueprints by spending research points, and move over to the Development screen. To create each piece of armor you’ll need the following materials: Omnigel Canisters, Copper, Iridium, and Platinum. The Copper and Platinum are toughest to find, but many explorable planets will have one or the other.

It’s really quite easy, but here’s how to make the whole thing extra authentic. Travel to the Pathfinder’s quarters on the Tempest and go to your wardrobe to change the color of your armor. From here you can replicate Shep’s armor from the previous Mass Effect games. Here’s roughly what to aim for.

Outfit color 1: Dark grey / slate
Outfit color 2: Lighter grey
Outfit color 3: Ligher grey again
Pattern select: Option 1
Pattern colour: Blood red

And there you have it. For extra, extra realism... try and make default Shepard in the character editor at the start of the game.

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Andy Hartup