There is an excellent Dell G7 gaming laptop deal at Best Buy for today only: save $400

There is an excellent gaming laptop deal at Best Buy for today only: save $400 on Dell G7
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We like to pick out cheap gaming laptop deals whenever they crop up in the wild, and today is one of those days. And this is a real humdinger, really. As an early caveat, the price tag might look high upon first inspection but the value is undeniable when you interrogate the specs. Plus, it's very important to note that this deals ends today at 11.59pm CT. So if you've been waiting for a January gaming laptop deal then this is one to go for: it's one of the best we've seen all month.

Anyway, this is a Dell G7 17.3-inch laptop - the full model number is G7790-7152GRY-PUS - that packs an i7-9750H processor, an RTX 2060 graphics card, 16GB of RAM, a 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD storage combination, and an IPS screen, and it can be yours for just $1,149.99

That's excellent value for a ray-tracing ready gaming laptop - particularly when you consider those other supporting components found within that make it a very attractive build. This will munch through all the most modern and demanding games at medium to high-ish settings so you can have confidence in it no matter what you prefer to play. And the fact that it's a larger, 17.3-inch machine extends the value even more.

Gaming laptops always come with a premium, so it is a saving game and a waiting game, preparing yourself to pounce on deals like this. And while you always have to be prepared to spend more than four figures, in all likelihood, to get something at least medium-high on the quality and performance spectrum, deals like this represent genuine bang-for-buck value. So, all the more reason to remind you that this is only for today and the deals ends at 11.59pm CT.

Dell G7 gaming laptop | 17.3" | 1080p IPS 60Hz | i7-9750H CPU | RTX 2060 GPU | 16GB RAM | 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD | just $1,149 at Best Buy (save$400)

Dell G7 gaming laptop | 17.3" | 1080p IPS 60Hz | i7-9750H CPU | RTX 2060 GPU | 16GB RAM | 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD | just $1,149 at Best Buy (save$400)
A wonderfully specced gaming laptop for a good manufacturer. This will tide you over very well indeed and get you playing the biggest and best, on the go.

Yeah, the screen's refresh rate is only 60Hz which isn't ideal for faster games and twitchy shooters but it'll still serve you well, and the trade-off is getting the IPS panel which gives you better image quality and colors all over; an IPS panel is often reserved for those screen only considered the best gaming monitors too, so you know it'll look gorgeous.

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