Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: retailer hints at downloadable tracks

Square Enix may offer extra musical tracks as DLC for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, according to one retailer who's previewed the 3DS title in Japan. The game's rhythm-action roster includes more than 50 tracks from previous Final Fantasy titles. However, retailer Sinobi attended a trade-only Nintendo briefing for the title and reports that even more tracks from the series' history may be available after release.

Above: Your Chocobo Theme or One-Winged Angel are a given, but which other tunes will make it onto the cartridge?

Neither Square Enix nor Nintendo have confirmed the suggestion of DLC for the title as of yet. Sinobi's report, according to Andriasang, is unclear as to whether the companies have promised content, or merely hinted at the possibility. However, the game's February release date should leave plenty of time for Nintendo to finalize its structure for distributing free or paid DLC for the 3DS. It's possible Square Enix may deliver an update on the title next week, reports Andriasang.

We last took a look at Theatrhythm Final Fantasy during Tokyo Game Show and were impressed with the title's approach to what's essentially a non-stop stream of playable fan-service. However, with a series as known for its musical component as Final Fantasy, it's inevitable that one or another deep cut won't make the initial roster. Which lesser-known FF tracks would you most like the option to get theatrhythmic with?