The War of The Worlds Game

Above: There’s a The War of The Worlds game you can play somwehere on this
page if you want to scroll on for the next few minutes to find it…

Right, well, okay… we’ve been sent a really snazzy little game that’s been
created to promote the 30th anniversary of Jeff Wayne’s legendary concept
album of The War of The Worlds
and the fact that tickets for the 2009
tour of the live show are going on sale
at the end of the month.
One slight problem, though. It’s wider than
we have the space avalilable in the top portion of these pages. Damned those

ads! (No… we mean, praise those ads – they pay our wages – honest, guv.
Lovely ads, all of them.)

We did try getting it to run in a separate window, but to be honest, we’re
just hacks at this net stuff, and that required advanced level coding and
stuff. So instead, we're just wibbling until we have enough words so it
doesn’t look like there’s as massive great gap with nothing in it.

And a few contrived paragraph breaks are handy as well.

So our advice is, scroll down now because the next few paragraphs are just
a bunch of pointless wibble.

No really, they are.

But hey, scientists haven’t destroyed the universe yet. That’s gotta be a
good thing. And have you seen The Middleman yet? Genius. Love that line,
“I’m as serious as a German film festival.” Spooks Code 9 was a bit pants,
though. Bought the SFX CG FX Special yet? It’s great. Apparently Merlin is
going to be a lot better than you're expecting as well, according to the SFX
crew who’ve managed to see the first episode already. And wasn’t there one
moment in The Dark Knight when you really, really, realy wanted to shout out
in the cinema, “GORDON’S ALIVE!” Ghost Whisperer is a big pile of poo. Just
thought we’d clarify that. Medium is much better. If you’re not watching it
we want to know why!

This is getting dull.

I know...


Are we there yet?



Did we mention that Jeff Wayne himself remixed the track that’s playing in the
background of the game?

Oh my God. How long do these side panels go on for. There are probably some
near the bottom you’ve never even seen before. I know maybe it’s time for
another completely gratuitous screen shot.

A fine screen shot, we think you’ll agree. Look, three Martian war machines,
and the one of the left looks like he’s been going at it a bit strong with the
wine gums.

Did you know that in a strange new world a hand full of men can start
all over again? And the summer sun is fading as the year grows old, and darker
days are drawing near, the winter winds will be much colder, now you're not
here. Not that we’re insinuating anything…

Universe is still here…

Oooh… there’s light at the end of the tunnel (or the bottom of the pit, might
be a better metaphor.

Hurrah! We’re there. And if you read all that, are you the kind of person who
sits in the cinema until all the end credits have rolled? Yeah, me too…

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