The Worst Celebrity Renders of All Time

In the original Spider-Man film, Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive arachnid and gains the powers of extraordinary strength, agility and reflexes. In a slight twist, however, the game based on the movie has Peter bitten by a radioactive marshmallow, gaining only the power of extraordinary puffiness. Both heroes could stick to walls, meaning the action remained largely unchanged.

This new origin proved so popular that, by Spider-Man 3, every character had been given a spongy and gelatinous makeover.

Above: The s'more, the better! (Sorry. We'll stop now.)

Breaking the fourth wall, Hulk's leading man lets us know exactly how he feels about his appearance in the game. That or his giant green alter ego is about to emerge through a single bulging eyeball. Or he just saw Bill Murray.

Whatever the hell's going on here, you can't help but share in his comically over emphasized pain.

We can excuse the blocky pixels and disjointed polygons; after all, Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi is another PS1 game. But unless Han Solo and Chewbacca sired a secret son we don't know about, we simply can't forgive that fugtastic dog mug. Yuck.

Incredibly, though, this is the rare instance in which Harrison Ford looks wrong in a game. We've played his characters on practically every console in every generation and, somehow, his trademark stubble and sarcasm always shine through.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for his costars...

Um, Leia? Maybe you should put the bounty hunter helmet back on... No no, not the metal bikini. Just the helmet. Thanks.

Come on, now... Mark Hamill's car accident wasn't THAT bad.

Charlie Barratt
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