The Witcher season 1 alternate ending revealed by Netflix showrunner

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The Witcher Netflix series season 1 alternate ending has been revealed by showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich on Twitter. Detailing a longer, more dialogue-heavy meeting between Geralt and Ciri, the final scene features several lines that were cut because, for Hissrich, it “didn’t feel earned.”

First, a recap of The Witcher ending, lest you have forgotten the final scene in a haze of booze and boxsets over the holidays. **Spoilers ahead**

Having reached a forest outside Sodden, Geralt eventually sees Ciri – taken in by the wife of the man who helped a wounded Geralt – running towards her. Then, it clicks. The prophecy bestowed upon him by Renfri, that “people linked by destiny will always find each other” comes true. But after their fateful embrace, Ciri replies with one telling question that (hopefully) leads into season 2: “Who is Yennefer?”

The alternate scripted scene, which was actually shot and probably exists in a Netflix vault somewhere, is considerably more fleshed-out. The script page has even been shown off in full, thanks to a recent tweet from Hissrich.

So, what’s new? Comparing the original and the alternate take, there is clearly far more interaction between the pair, with Geralt expressing shock that Ciri is still alive. Her mother, Pavana, supposedly died in a shipwreck, as referenced earlier in the season.

Geralt also tells Ciri that she’s far more than just his destiny, which is a touching line for someone who was so cold and brooding for the majority of the first season’s runtime. There’s even a page-only excerpt that will surely prove to be a driving force in future seasons: "He will never abandon this child."

Now, all we need is the mega-extended “Toss A Coin to Your Witcher” cut and I think that’ll just about tide us over until the as-yet-unannounced release date for season 2.

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