The Witcher 3 last major update fixes falling horses and harassing dwarves with bees

This is it, proud members of the Geralt appreciation society. Update 1.22 for The Witcher 3 has rolled out across all platforms, fixing a swathe of glitched quests from the Blood & Wine expansion and various other issues from across the game - and if developer CD Projekt Red sticks to its plan, that's the last big update the game will ever get.

Game director Konrad Tomaszkiewicz said back in May that the studio will "release a patch before we release the expansion and maybe one later" before much of the remaining Witcher 3 staff moves over to Cyberpunk 2077. Update 1.22 would be that one last patch, fixing problems like players being able to knock down horses, launch beehives toward dwarven blacksmiths, and potentially lose earned levels. You can check out the full patch notes but beware of minor story spoilers.


Apparently the new update has introduced some additional bugs to Blood & Wine's epilogue, so CD Projekt Red may dip back in to fix those and any other minor issues that crop up. Just don't expect any more lengthy changelists like back in the old days. I mean, the game has been out for more than a year, and it's improved quite a bit in that time - the studio can officially move on to new pastures at this point. Or neon-flecked city streets, as it may be.

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