The Witch-King has risen

With Battle for Middle-earth II: The Rise of the Witch-King - the expansion pack to the Lord of the Rings RTS - out this week, we thought we'd give you a taste of the type of action you can expect witha brand new trailer. Hit the Movies tab and find "LOTR: Rise of the Witch-king - trailer 11-28-06."

The Witch-King is responsible for the spread of evil after the 1,000 years of peace that followed the Battle of the Last Alliance. He waged a 500 year war against the kingdoms of men and it is this campaign that the expansion pack focuses on. In the game's campaign mode players must strive to conquer the land of Angmar by building up a huge force and quashing any attempts of resistance.

This footage shows some of the new units that will appear in the game and ends with the dramatic entrance of the Witch-King himself. This might have been scarier if we didn't know that all it takes to kill the Witch-King is for a hobbit to smack him in the legs and a girl to stab him in the face. Harry Potter would have put up a bigger fight.

November 29, 2006