The Watcher ending proving controversial with Netflix viewers

Naomi Watts and Bobby Cannavale in The Watcher
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The Watcher is Netflix’s latest mystery series, based on a bizarre true crime story. The show follows the Broaddus family as they move into their dream home in the New Jersey suburbs. Soon, things start to get weird as they receive threatening letters from someone naming themselves "the Watcher".

Across seven episodes of the Netflix series, the mystery slowly unfolds as the family seemingly comes closer to finding out who is responsible for the torment. However, some fans were left disappointed with how it all came to an end. 

Warning, major spoilers follow for the ending of The Watcher.

It seemed like everything had been solved when the couple’s private detective Theodora (Noma Dumezwni) confessed to being the Watcher, claiming that she wanted to move back into the house. However, this was later debunked as she revealed she was terminally ill and just wanted to give the family some closure before she died. Instead, the series ends with the identity of the Watcher unsolved, leaving many viewers frustrated.

"Just finished The Watcher," wrote one viewer on Twitter. "I know it’s based on a true story but that ending made the whole series an absolute waste of time." While another added: "The watcher would be a 10/10 series but the ending was awful."

A third said: "The end of The Watcher on Netflix must be the worst ending I have ever seen on Netflix. Such a waste of time!" Another viewer simply wrote: "Just binged The Watcher on Netflix..  awesome plot, horrendous ending."

However, not everyone was unimpressed as others pointed out that the series is based on an unsolved case, so there wasn’t really a potential for a conclusive ending. "Unless I am missing something, I am baffled by the people moaning about the lack of ending to The Watcher Netflix," one argued on Twitter. "It’s based on a true story that has never been solved. There is no ending! #TheWatcher."

Whatever you think of The Watcher’s ending, it’s clearly popular with viewers having topped the Netflix Top 10 charts in several countries already. For what else to stream now, check out our guides to the best Netflix shows and the best Netflix movies

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