The Walking Dead's uncensored season 6 finale includes 23 f**ks from Negan

Unless you've been hiding under a dumpster for months, you'll know that The Walking Dead season 6 introduced one of the most notorious villains from the comics. Armed with his trusty baseball bat Lucille and a sadistic side that makes the Governor look like a nice guy, Negan made quite the impression. However due to AMC's broadcasting policies, his onscreen debut was toned down quite a bit meaning his infamous foul mouth didn't make the cut. But thanks to the season 6 Blu-ray, we'll now get the chance to hear his f-bombs in all their glory. 

In the comics Negan uses "fuck" and its variations very, VERY liberally. To honor his origin, showrunners decided to film two alternate versions of that lengthy monologue actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan delivers. One is broadcast-friendly, the other not so much.  

One example according to THR is the line "I am gonna beat the holy fuck fucking fuckety fuck out of one of you," which was reworded for TV audiences as "I'm gonna beat the holy hell out of one of you." Yeah, not quite as Negan-esque, is it? Likewise, the rest of his screen time is packed with more language, as the site details the 23 times he cuts loose with this handy expletive count: 

  • Fuck: 3
  • Fucked: 2
  • Fucking: 16
  • Fucker: 1
  • Fuckety: 1

Fuck, that's a lot of swearing. 

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with its season 7 premiere on October 23, 2016. 

Images: AMC 

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