The Walking Dead season 7 trailer introduces Negan's new world and tigers


We've already seen the briefest of teasers for The Walking Dead season 7 at San Diego Comic Conand now AMC has unleashed the full-length three minute version online. Feast your eyes upon its gory glory below: 

You didn't think they'd reveal Negan's victim NOW did you? Well, they didn't. The first half reacquaints us with the beloved gang, harnessing the powers of soft lighting to make our throats lumpy and eyes misty. The closest we come to identifying the victim is their blood dripping from Negan's baseball bat. I'd be amazed if anyone figured it out from that.  

By far the most intriguing moments (and by that I mean, the bits that will make you shout "OH MY GOD!" at your laptop) arrive in the second half. The Saviors continue to make their unpleasant presence known, and it looks as if we'll be meeting more of them who aren't particularly fond of their murderous leader. We also get to lay our eyes on a much more popular figure from the comics, King Ezekiel, the leader of a self-sustaining community known as the Kingdom.  

Yes, that's his pet tiger.  


Ahead of its panel at this year's San Diego Comic Con, The Walking Dead has dropped a brief season 7 teaser to Twitter. Don't worry there's no spoilers to be found in this 30-second clip. Check it out below: 

Negan's cowering victims, choice music cues, and more lens flare than all of JJ Abrams' movies put together make this one hell of a teaser. It's less about new insight and more about reminding audiences of that fateful season 6 cliffhanger.

As if we could ever forget the sight of our favorite survivors, lined up and ready to meet Lucille in the most brutal way imaginable. It might be short, but it sets the mood nicely for the full-length trailer that's due to land this afternoon.

Season 7 of The Walking Dead will debut on AMC in October 2016. 

Images: AMC 

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