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The Walking Dead 3.10 "Home" Spoiler-Free Teasers review

Will Salmon goes into cryptic mode to whet you appetite for more zombie fun

The Walking Dead “Home” is due to air in the UK on Friday 22 February on Fox. Here are a few titbits to tide you over in the meantime…

Even Michonne is starting to think that Rick has gone nuts.

Andrea considers a change of career.

Glenn is feeling proactive. You may or may not agree with him.

Daryl and Merle are already arguing again. Typical brothers.

There's big trouble at Yellow Jacket Creek...

Milton is starting to feel uncomfortable.

Another baby is involved.

This is a very Rick-light episode.

We see one of the show's more inventive zombie kills. Ouch!

“I may be the one that's leaving, but you're the one who's walking away.”

Well *that* didn't last long.

Here comes the van man.

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